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Space X Hires A Superhero Suit Designer To Come Up With It’s New Spacesuit

Futuristic Space Suits

If you are into superhero movies (Who isn’t these days?), you would appreciate the quality of costumes we see nowadays in the latest movies from both Marvel and DC universes. They are flashier and better than the red underwear-clad Superman from earlier movies and the poor Spidey costumes from the first trilogy. Jose Fernandez, a costume designer who was involved in the magnificent wardrobe of Batman in Dawn of Justice has just claimed that Elon Muk’s Space X wants him to build the new spacesuit they are going to use on astronauts! His company is called the Ironhead studios and has also designed the latest Spiderman and Thor costumes as well.

In a recent interview with Tested, Fernandez revealed that he has designed a spacesuit for SpaceX and for Intellectual Property reasons, he cannot release it by himself as the premier space contractor will release it in next year. Awesome, isn’t it?

According to Fernandez, he worked with Elon for over a year in creating the perfect suit design. Once he was done, that layout was to be converted into an actual spacesuit and then used it on further manned missions into space. Considering NASA’s unappealing suits we have right now, it seems Elon Musks new suits will take over the space like a storm as astronauts will also probably want to look good and flashy just like the heroes they are serving science and sacrificing their bodies as a result of their space missions.

All we need to wonder is which superhero costume will it resemble? My bet is on the latest Batman one as it is the most futuristic looking badass suit I have ever seen.