Amputated Children Can Now Live In Style With These Superhero Themed Prosthesis

best bionic hand apparels ever6

Prosthetics are becoming more and more advanced as boundaries of engineering are pushed further. As designs get improved, and functionality improves, they are also becoming stylish to wear and now since there is a popular demand for sci-fi and superhero costumes, the physically challenged children are also asking for suits like their able-bodied counterparts. Since the regular suits are no good for them because of their physical shortcomings, a bionic initiative named Open Bionic has made them apparels modeled around their favorite characters instead. From Star Wars to Marvel’s Avengers, they created many epic costumes for the unfortunate children and teenagers. The sheer joy on their faces tells it all!

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Open Bionics is an initiative that aims to make these prosthetics free and accessible to all. Also, when a person has to take the assistance of a bionic arm, the attachment feels unnatural, and people tend to classify them as disabled and this instills an inferiority complex especially on children. This robotic alternative can not only dispel such notions but also make them look cooler than normal people for once. All of a sudden instead of people asking how did they lose their hands on feet, they ask where did they get their costumes from? Almost all of these artificial limbs were made without any royalty fee so that the children could have them made at affordable costs.

This Iron Man hand attachment and bionic attachment is reminiscent of Star Wars and looks so cool on these adorable children.

The animation giant gave the specialists of Open Bionic a 120,000 $ funding, and most of the developers worked in Disney’s labs to create the artificial apparels.

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Despite looking like a novelty, these are some pretty state-of-the-art designs from the initiative.

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The prosthetics are EMG controlled, and their flashy appearance make them very appealing to kids. All of them liked their respective hands and gave sincere thumbs up for their work. They also picked up their controls and muscle interaction really quick.

The light emitting from the Star Wars model can be lit up according to user’s favorite color.

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They can permanently remove the general perception regarding cripples and their limitations because with modern technology, there is hardly any limitations to what they can do.

best bionic hand apparels ever2 best bionic hand apparels ever

Ultimately, the company wants to make prosthetics that can cost around 500$ which will then be affordable to a great number of children and even grown-ups around the world.

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