13 Amazing Facts About Spacesuits That You Probably Did Not Know Before

13 Amazing Facts That You Must Know About Spacesuits

How many of you can say that they know everything there is to know about spacesuits? We are guessing a very few of our readers would have answered this question with a yes. Don’t worry though; we have put together a list of 13 facts about spacesuits that you all should know. Yeah, you are welcome.

13 Amazing Facts That You Must Know About Spacesuits

The spacesuits serve some very particular functions; they protect the astronauts from the environment of space. They protect them from getting too cold or hot and provide them with oxygen for breathing. Space travel would be next to impossible if it wasn’t for the invention of spacesuits. Check out the facts about spacesuits that you must know below and do let us know what you think of them;

You Won’t Instantly Die In Space Without A Spacesuit

Yes, despite what you have been led to believe; you will not die right away if you were in space without a space suit. However, you will almost inevitably die. Maybe in 15 seconds or so; you will inflate and die.

The Spacesuit is Made Up Of Different Parts

Each component is designed for a specific task such as providing oxygen and protecting the astronaut from space dust.

Spacesuits Impart Protection Against Radiation

Solar radiation is quite powerful and an actual threat in space. We are protected from the solar radiation on Earth because of its magnetic field. The spacesuits are able to provide the astronauts with protection from solar radiation for short spans of time.

Basic Working Principle Is To Provide A Stable Interior Pressure

Remember when we told you that your body would inflate if you were in space without a spacesuit? The primary objective of a spacesuit is to provide the astronaut with a pressurized environment. This is achieved by a layer of material that is like an elastic rubber in collaboration with pressurized oxygen.

You Can’t Puncture A Spacesuit

Did you know that even tiny debris in space can be moving at speeds of up to 27,000 kilometers per hour? This places the astronauts at great risk. However, a spacesuit can protect astronauts from space junk and pieces of meteorites moving in space by being puncture proof.

Earth’s Atmosphere Entry

Astronauts don the orange spacesuits known as ‘launch and entry suits’ when they are leaving and entering Earth. These suits can only be used inside the space shuttle.

Spacesuit Can Contain Bodily Waste

There are pouches installed within a spacesuit for containing urine.

Apollo Spacesuits Had Boots!

The men involved in the Apollo mission had to walk on the lunar surface. Keeping this in mind, the spacesuits they had to use were crafted with specialized boots.

An Astronaut Has To Wear Spacesuit While Inside The Spacecraft

An astronaut not only has to wear the spacesuit in space but also while they are inside the spacecraft during launching, reentering, landing, and while connecting to a space station. The spacesuit is meant to protect the astronaut if there is any sudden loss of pressure.

Mercury Suits Were Famous

13 Amazing Facts That You Must Know About Spacesuits

The very first spacesuits by NASA were intended for Mercury Program – the first human spaceflight program of the United States. The program placed astronauts in space for suborbital flights.

Soviet SK-1 Was The First Spacesuit

The very first spacesuit worn by a human was the Russian SK-1 spacesuit. Yuri Gagarin wore it in 1961!

Spacesuits Are An Evolution From Flight Suits

Fighter pilots and test pilots have been using flight suits for high-altitude flights. The flight suit pioneers of the 1930s actually led to the creation of spacesuits that found their use in the ‘60s.

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