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Space Debris Is Real And Almost Hit Earth Back In 2003

Humans are amazing; we littered Earth and didn’t just stop there but went on ahead and littered in space as well. The result? Now outer space contains quite a lot of junk thanks to humans. This includes broken satellites, abandoned rocket stages, discarded craft components, and other scientific garbage. All of them collectively are known as space debris. This giant cluster of space debris is surrounding Earth and the moon. Back in 2003, one of them was hurled towards our planet but thankfully it didn’t make contact. However, the threat is real.

It had researchers freaked out and this is what it looked like from NASA’s point of view.

It was most probably a remnant of the Apollo 12 Rocket.

Check this picture if you think that this was the only hunk of junk circling our planet.

Question is, how can we remove this space debris? Do share your idea with the world in the comments section below