Sony Xperia Z5 Is The First Smartphone With A 4K Display

xperia z5 4 K screen

When it comes to specs and performance, the Sony’s Xperia line of smartphones has always been among the top cadre in the world. The main feature of Sony has been its traditional excellence in video and screen technology that has been evident in its top-of-the-line Televisions and video cameras over the years. Even when it started focusing on the global smartphone industry, it’s core competencies remained the brilliant screen displays and high-end cameras. The Z series of its flagship Xperia have been well received by smartphone users especially the ones in Asia. Now it is back with yet another first in its strength area as it unveiled a jaw-dropping 4 K screen for its latest Z5 smartphone.

xperia z5 4 K screen2

Just when we thought that cramming 4K in a small laptop was quite an achievement, Sony unveiled this remarkable upgrade to stun us all. With a 5.5 inches screen size, the new ultra HD quality will pack an insane 808 pixels per square inch. Such is the incredible level of detail that it outscores the latest techs by at least eighty percent in terms of pixel density.

xperia z5 4 K screen3

The usage of 4K goes beyond native pictures and videos as it can automatically update your older ones to be compatible with the great new display making it a rare new experience altogether. It can also capture 4K video directly from its own 23-megapixel camera complete with a 25 mm wide angle lens and Sony’s shudder-free SteadyShot technology. So you won’t have to worry about your shaky arms next time, and the pics will be just as good, except with a whopping 4K display! Other specs include Snapdragon 810 C processor, 3 GB RAM, 5 MP front camera and 3,430 mAh battery with the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop running as smoothly as ever. A fingerprint scanner has also been added as the latest feature from Sony.

A nice dust and waterproof enclosure means that it can be your perfect holiday phone, and it virtually ends the need for a separate digital camera. So, let’s see how Sony pulls off the launch in October this year.

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