Sony Unveils A Cassette Tape That Can Hold 185TB Of Data


How many of you have used a cassette tape for storing data? Those of you who have accepted the fact that magnetic tapes have been phased out as far as storage is concerned are in for a surprise.
Sony 185 TB3However, get ready, since this technology is not dead or phased out yet. In fact, magnetic tapes are still in use when it comes to long term data storage or when archiving needs to be done.

Sony 185 TB4Sony has come up with a new material for the magnetic tapes, which will enable magnetic tapes to store data worth 185 terabytes. That is 74 times more than what a standard cassette tape can hold and if that is not enough for comparison sake; 185 terabytes of data implies that you will be able to store 3,700 Blu-rays on this tape. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

According to IT World; ‘To make the new recording material, Sony used a kind of vacuum thin film-forming technology called sputter deposition. The process involves shooting argon ions at a polymer film substrate, which produces layers of magnetic crystal particles. By tweaking the sputter conditions and developing a soft magnetic under-layer on the film, the manufacturer was able to create a layer of fine magnetic particles with an average size of 7.7 nanometers.’

Sony 185 TBSo will this awesome cassette tape be available to consumers at their homes? Most probably not; as mentioned earlier, these cassette tapes are used at data centers for archiving purposes. So it would be better if you placed your bet on those SSDs. Check out the youtube video below for more:




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