Someone Paid $1.3 Million For A Parking Spot In Hong Kong

Someone anonymous just bought a single parking space in Hong Kong for a whopping $1.3 million, breaking the previous record for a parking space bought at the highest price. This price paid for the parking space is far more than what most people pay for buying a house, making the deal a true example of the unfortunate distribution of wealth in the world.

The news comes in as a comparative blessing for those who are tired of paying a few bucks to park their cars around town. You go outside, and you get bummed by the expense of paying for the parking spot, but the anonymous deal from Hong Kong in which more than a million dollars were paid is a relief for those individuals who can’t stop complaining to pay for parking every time they go out. At least you are not paying a million dollars.

It was revealed on Monday in a report published by Motor Authority. The hefty amount was paid for a single parking spot in a luxury housing building on Hong Kong’s Mount Nicholson. The previous record for the maximum amount paid for a single parking spot stands at $979,438 and was paid for in 2019. The buyer of the parking spot is unknown, but the sellers of the deal are not with hidden identities. The real estate development companies Wharf Holdings and Nan Fung Group sold the parking spot and came to the spotlight for this one-of-a-kind deal.

It seems like a lot of money; I could have done a lot of other stuff with that amount instead of just buying a parking spot. I might have gone for completely ditching my car and buying a bicycle instead if I had to pay something even near to what the anonymous person paid. But it could be that I am thinking like this because I am not that rich to start with. I am still wondering as to who is this person, and I’d be eager to find it out because he paid nearly a fortune just for a parking space. Just think what would be the cost of the actual residence in the luxury building located in Mount Nicholson.

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