Somabar Can Create 300 Different Cocktails With Just A Tap From Your Smartphone

Somabar costs $500 and Can Create 300 Different Cocktails4

Everyone loves having a cocktail, but making one can be a painful task and that is where this amazing cocktail machine comes in. This machine is capable of creating a myriad of beverages by making use of the companion app on a smartphone. Somabar and has been created by two entrepreneurs based in US – Dylan Purcell-Lowe and Ammar Jangbawala. It can create more than 300 kinds of cocktails that can be mixed and are ready for serve in under 5 seconds once the order from the app has been received.Somabar costs $500 and Can Create 300 Different Cocktails6

The co-creator Dylan says, “Whether you are with your friends or just celebrating the end of a long work week, enjoying a craft cocktail is something that is easy to do – but making one is a pain, and requires time and preparation. So we invented Somabar, to make delicious craft cocktails in under five seconds.”Somabar costs $500 and Can Create 300 Different Cocktails5 Somabar costs $500 and Can Create 300 Different Cocktails3

Each unit of Somabar is equipped with Wi-Fi and this allows the device to pair with the user’s smartphone on which the app can be accessed. The users can select from a list of 300 unique beverage options. All of these options can be customized by the user as per their taste. It took 3 years to tweak the machine to perfection.

Ammar said, “Three years ago, we started tinkering with electronic boards, pumps and a countless amount of liquor contains that, quite frankly, we can’t even remember. After testing several prototypes, we finally came up with a cool product that we are proud of. Somabar allows you to make craft cocktails without having to use a shaker, bar spoon, measuring cup or recipe book.”Somabar costs $500 and Can Create 300 Different Cocktails2

Each device can take 6 unique drink containers that are airtight and can be filled with a number of options involving alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. The app contains mixes such as Whisky Sours and Gin and Tonics etc. Dylan further added, “Somabar is an intelligent mixologist. It gives you the technology to infuse bitters, pour precisely, and thoroughly mix every cocktail, all before dispensing at the push of a button.”Somabar costs $500 and Can Create 300 Different Cocktails

The Kickstarter campaign page reads, “We need your help to get to the next stage. Tooling and manufacturing costs are really expensive and without your support, we will not be able to make Somabar a reality.”

Who is willing to get this amazing machine for their home?


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