Solar Powered UAVs To Replace Satellites


Designer Edge Image of the Day – Solar Powered UAV to Replace Satellites-3Man’s ambition has always been to touch the sky and then to touch what’s beyond it. We all are aware of this quest that began so many years ago, and over the years, scientists have been busy in refining their methods and techniques. Today’s article covers one such attempt where the scientists have presented a substitute for the regular satellite.

Designer Edge Image of the Day – Solar Powered UAV to Replace Satellites-2Satellites are very costly; irrespective of their function. In order to keep in revolution, millions of dollars are needed just for one satellite from launch costs to repairs.  Nonetheless, Titan Aerospace has attempted to alter the rules of satellite game by presenting a new high altitude UAV in order to trade typical satellites.

The solar powered UAV entitled Solera has an enormous wingspan of 50 meter (164 ft) and 15.5 meter (54 ft) body. Solera weighs only 159 kg (350 lbs) and is capable of generating 7kW of power in daylight with the help of 3,000 solar cells covering its body.

Designer Edge Image of the Day – Solar Powered UAV to Replace Satellites-1It is the performance of UAV that specifies the craft although its physical features are quite amazing. Solera can orbit for about five years at 104 km/h (65mph) and can reach heights of 20 km (65,000 ft).



  1. Joyce Barnes Reply

    This sounds great. I am so thrilled to li e to see all this happenimg. I am amazed what has changed i. our world since I was born im May 1930. From the big depression, Pres. H.Hoover to
    this.I am thorouly amazed.

  2. Yamen Mustafa Reply

    new technology is new challenges! can this technology be used for real-time communication? how many units do we need to cover full Earth?

    good luck

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