Japanese Engineers Launch The World’s Fastest Passenger Train

fastest train in the world

Japan’s MagLev Train is Fast, Very Fast-1The people of Japan have been enchanted by the longest, largest and fastest maglev train in the world. From the middle of the twentieth century, the engineers are working on the maglev train concept. In 1968, James Powell, a researcher at Brookhaven National Lab, thought of using maglev trains (derived from magnetic levitation). The old wheel and axle model has been replaced by levitation system in maglev which lifts the cars by magnetism.

Japan’s MagLev Train is Fast, Very Fast-2The lift and push are provided to the train by the repulsive and attractive forces of magnetism used by this system.

The maglev trains that are operating at the present have been designed by the engineers in the preceding decade. A new maglev train has been tested on the Yamanashi Maglev Test Line recently.

The most recent maglev train in Japan is known as the LO Series and can run at speeds of up to 311mph (500 km/h). In its first run along the 26.6-miles test track, the train reached its top speed before it touched the 3-mile marker.

People who had the honor to ride on this high-tech LO told that they did not feel any turbulence or heard any noise while the train was moving at the great speeds. But it was a different story for the observers outside the train.



Japan’s MagLev Train is Fast, Very Fast-3[One] reporter felt a shock wave and a massive gust of wind as the train sped past him. He also reported a deafening sound that made conversation all but impossible,” said Asahi Shimbun.

It is still to be considered if this type of turbulence restricts LO from use in densely populated areas. Engineers have sufficient time till the planned inaugural date of LO in 2027 to reduce these external forces.

More maglev trains are expected to come in the areas of India, China and even the US in the future decades. The Maglev trains and Hyperloops will expectantly make mid-distance travel fast, calm and advanced.



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    It is very wonderful and nice website. I like this and get knowledge. So that is very best.

  2. Jerry N. Wesner Reply

    It’s ironic that the video of an extremely high technology is so, well, crappy. Surely it doesn’t have to be this way.

  3. Claudia Reply

    500km an hour?

    That means that on the moment you get a accident at that speed, that ALL humans inside the train are squeezed to meatloaf and have no chance to survive it. An irresponsible development!

    • Supersnoop Reply

      By that measure we should ban all commercial aircraft travel IMMEDIATELY!!!

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