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Snug Vest Calms You Down By Hugging You Whenever You Are Stressed

Snug Vest Tackles Anxiety in a Creative Way 6

Pressure can help relieve anxiety by regulating the sensory system when it is overstimulated. Firm pressure to the torso can help individuals with sensory disorders, such as autism (ASD), reduce tantrums. Snug Vest is a safe and drug-free solution to ease anxiety, manage stress and increase focus.

Snug Vest is a therapeutic product; it inflates to provide adjustable and evenly-distributed pressure to the torso for a comforting hug-like squeeze without pressure exerted on the stomach or chest. The stylish Snug Vest promotes independence as the user can self-inflate their vest in a discreet way to get the exact amount of safe pressure they need.

The product is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo. Evidence shows that the Snug Vest has a significantly positive impact on children with autism and other sensory disorders and works on adults with anxiety or stress disorders as well. It doesn’t come cheap though; a single Snug Vest in either red and black or turquoise and black will set you back $312 plus the cost of shipping. Snug Vest has also won many international awards including Red Dot Product Design Award, 2014 and Medical Design Excellence Award Finalist, 2014. A pretty cool way to relieve stress, isn’t it?