You Can Now Control Where Your Dog Goes Using This Smart Vest

smart vest to control movement of dogs

Researchers in Japan have now created a harness which can remotely control dogs without using any invasive technology. Footage of the experiment shows the vest guiding a dog towards an object of interest and navigating obstacles. This is done merely by following a dot of light. According to the team at Tohoku University, the new system allows controlling the canine motion. The video shared on YouTube shows how the system works. The dog is fitted with a vest which has an ‘on suit light source.’ The light shines on the ground in the direction where the dog should go.

The vest is equipped with some flashlights. The suit also carries a camera which shows the handler a view from the dog’s perspective and allows the person in charge to see what the dog is seeing while it is navigating the space. The video shows how well this can be done to lead a dog through a complex environment without having a human by its side. In the video, the poodle is following the changing dots of the light around two objects to get to the object A. When the dog reaches the object to inspect; the handler will get a clear view as well.

According to the researchers, this was done by using the remote-controlled system. The dog moved between the desks to arrive at the target location by following the light stimulation which was specified by the operator. This approach can help to improve the efficiency of dogs which are used in challenging environments. This way search and rescue dogs might be able to fit through the small spaces to access areas where a human handler cannot reach. This is where this light-based system or something similar in design can come in handy. Can you think of more uses? Let us know in the comments section

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