Snapple Has Launched An AI-Powered “Fact Generator” – But It Has Been Caught Spewing Lies

A new software called Snapple fAIct Generator, a tool that uses ChatGPT creator OpenAI’s technology to create facts on any topic has been launched by Snapple in honor of the recent 20th Anniversary of Snapple’s Real Facts.

The new tool enables users to generate and distribute information on social media. Some of the newly developed facts will start to show under bottle caps in 2024 once the tool creates a database of them all.

Consumers can access the site via .com or scan a QR code on any Snapple bottle. Snapple, a Keurig Dr. Pepper company, is the latest brand to jump on the AI bandwagon after interest renewed in the space.

The focus of Snapple’s effort into generative AI is one of the company’s more recognizable marketing tactics. There have been 1,677 facts that have appeared under the Snapple cap since the launch of “Snapple Real Facts.”

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has recently gained popularity as businesses like Mint Mobile have started using it in their advertising.

However, the fact that AI is known for giving inaccurate information presents a challenge for marketers like Snapple. Snapple has been concealing “Snapple Real Facts” under the caps of their beverages for the past 20 years and is well aware of ChatGPT’s shortcomings.

“As an AI, I’m new to this whole ‘existence’ thing, so that I can be wrong, skewed, or even inappropriate,” the tool’s website reads. “The humans at Snapple will still need to check my facts before some of them become ‘Real Facts.'”

Snapple’s fact generator is ineffective at only one of its intended functions, and here’s an example: “Exoplanets can be up to 20 times the size of Earth,” it stated, which is a dubious claim given that it didn’t specify if was talking to mass or radius.

Additionally, it is a wildly inaccurate claim in any particular circumstance. The largest known exoplanet has a mass that is 0.78 times that of Jupiter, which has a mass that is 318 times that of Earth.

This is a plainly absurd marketing gimmick that simply serves to highlight the most significant problem with AI chatbots: they are incapable of speaking the truth, rendering Snapple’s technology absolutely useless. 

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