Google Search Chief Says AI Can Give Convincing But Fictitious Answers

Prabhakar Raghavan, the head of Google search, has warned that AI chatbots can give “convincing but completely fictitious” answers. In a recent interview, he stated that chatbots, which are powered by artificial intelligence, have the potential to spread false information and undermine public trust. He emphasized that AI chatbots can generate answers that seem believable but are not necessarily based on accurate information.

Prabhakar Raghavan told Welt Am Sonntag on Saturday that they can sometimes give false but convincing answers. “This kind of artificial intelligence that we are currently talking about can sometimes lead to something we call hallucination,” he told the German newspaper. He added: “This is then expressed in such a way that a machine provides a convincing but completely fictitious answer.” 

This is a growing concern for many people in the tech industry, as chatbots are increasingly being used for a variety of purposes, from customer service to news dissemination. Chatbots are designed to interact with users in a conversational manner, using natural language processing to understand and respond to questions. However, they can also generate answers based on biased or inaccurate data, leading to the spread of misinformation.

The challenge is to build chatbots that can accurately and reliably provide information to users. Raghavan stressed the importance of transparency and accountability in the development of AI chatbots. He said that chatbots should be designed with “rigorous oversight” and must be held to the same standards as human journalists when it comes to verifying the accuracy of their information.

In order to address this issue, Raghavan called for a multi-stakeholder approach to the development and regulation of AI chatbots. This would involve collaboration between tech companies, government agencies, and experts in various fields, to ensure that AI chatbots are designed and used in a responsible manner.

Raghavan’s comments came after some criticized Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai for the “rushed” and “botched” launch of Bard. Despite the potential risks, Raghavan believes that AI chatbots have the potential to greatly benefit society. They have the potential to provide quick and convenient access to information, making it easier for people to find what they need. However, he emphasized that it is essential to ensure that they are trustworthy and reliable sources of information.

In conclusion, Prabhakar Raghavan’s warning about the dangers of AI chatbots highlights the need for caution and responsible development in this rapidly growing field. While chatbots have the potential to revolutionize the way we access information, they must be designed and used in a way that ensures the accuracy and reliability of their information.

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