This Smart Dress Changes It’s Colour Depending On How You Feel

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A London-based wearable technology company Cute Circuit just designed a little black smart dress (LBD) that changes color depending on your breathing rate.

Source: Daily Mail

The dress turns a shade of purple when the wearer breathes fast, turquoise with deep breaths and green with slow breaths. The dress unveiled, at an event at the Trafford Centre in Manchester, is designed by Francesca Rosella. The company Cute Circuit has already designed dresses for celebrities like Katy Perry and Nicole Scherzinger.

The body suit layer has a sensor which senses the breathing rate. Breathing causes the sensor to stretch thus, prompting the dress to change color using tiny LEDs. Graphene conducts electricity while also being transparent. This property eliminates the need for any wires. A miniature battery powers this dress.

The designer Francesca Rosella says,

“This dress is a glimpse of what graphene can do, if you have a material that is transparent, can conduct electricity, is very lightweight and can be used as a sensor – you can create clothing for sportswear use and even everyday clothing, but with a hi-tech twist.”

Graphene has a hexagonal honeycomb-like structure, and the dress incorporates that into its design. The general manager of intu Trafford Centre teamed with Cute Circuit and the National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester to create this couture LBD.

Source: Daily Mail

Research Associate at the National Graphene Institute, Dr. Paul Wiper said,

“The dress is truly one of a kind and shows what creativity, imagination and a desire to innovate can create using graphene and related two-dimensional materials.”

The cost of the dress and the date of its commercial availability are still unclear. Designers do hope to use the same technology in future, for creating a garment that can be programmed into any color.

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