British and Czech Scientists Create The World’s Strongest Super Laser

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A team of British and Czech scientists has recently announced that they have created a ‘super laser’ named Bivoj that is ten times stronger than any other laser of its kind.


The high peak power laser has 1000-watt average power output which is now a world record of sustained, high-energy pulses. The laser was co-venture of Britain’s Laser Facility (CLF), Czech state research and a development project called HiLASE (High average power pulsed laser).

Source: Gizmodo

The laser is named after a mythical Czech strongman Bivoj. It weighs around 20 tons and costs $48 million. According to the CLF and HiLASE specialists, Bivoj has potential applications in engineering, semiconductor processing, micromachining, aeronautics, automotive and power sectors.

Source: Gizmodo

By the end of this year, the laser is expected to be commercialized. Do you think the laser can be employed for medical applications? Comment below!

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