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Simple Hack Converts This Casio Calculator Into A Sophisticated Cheating Gadget

This Casio Calculator Is A Sophisticated Cheating Gadget

Cheating is a mix of immorality and impressiveness, you might disagree with the notion but that’s how it is. A number of people have come up with amazing ways of cheating while most are never able to go beyond the peak from the corner of their eye in an attempt to find the right answer. Speaking of people that excel at it and come up with newer ways of pulling it off, meet Neutrino – a YouTube user – who has managed to tweak his Casio calculator.

Neutrino was able to transform his Casio calculator and upgraded it into a smart gadget that comes with a secret screen, messaging function, and even Wi-Fi access. You might be fooled because of its conventional appearance but we can assure you that it is more than meets the eyes. You all know the saying; don’t judge a book by its cover. That saying sits here quite perfectly.

This Casio calculator has been upgraded to an intricate stealth cheating device that dons the conventional appearance of a regular Casio calculator. Scientific calculators generally have particular limitations but this gadget has surpassed those limitations.

This used to be a regular Casio fx-991MS. However, this seemingly normal solar cell transforms into an OLED display as soon as the calculator is switched off. Neutrino didn’t just stop at that, however. He decided to really He decided to take things further – much further. He has installed an ESP8266 Wi-Fi module and a rechargeable battery to this particular contraption. What’s amazing is that he did it all without making any changes to the exterior of the calculator.

The internet connection is limited, however, it can allow the user to access the text files that have been stored on Google Firebase. The gadget can be activated by making use of a reed switch and a handheld magnet. The ‘button interface’ is activated by making magnetic-taps and double-taps on a pair of Hall effect sensors. You can also send text messages using this device but as expected; the options are limited. Do let us know what you think of this stealthy Casio calculator cheating device.

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