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Watch This Old Barrel Become An Interesting Outdoor Table

So people know how to convert even the crappiest of things into something useful. Take a look at this. All he had was an old barrel that was used to carry crappy liquor bottles at one stage. You must be thinking that a barrel this dirty would be more suited in the fireplace because of the lasting smell and damage done to it over the course of time. But once this Reddit user  MrFixItDIY was done with it, the thing could easily go in a living room, and no one would know the name of the scurvy pirate it belonged to once.

Here is the step by step process. Hope you will enjoy it as much as the end product itself:

Here is the barrel itself. It’s not looking good is it? The DIY enthusiast bought it off an auction for a dirt-cheap price.

He started by making a mark in the middle.

The bands were removed and stored separately.

The barrel was cut in half by a saw. A reciprocating one was used.

Here is the inside of the barrel. The purplish color is due to years and years of meritorious service of getting people drunk and committing crimes.

For the Wine table’s top and legs.

The tableside was made by cutting them in size and clamping them together.

A semicircle was sawed out to accommodate the barrel itself.

One of the barrel halves was placed in between two of these. Already looking something like a table isn’t it?

Now you have to make the table top. Remember, this thing will define the table so you should get some good one. He used some old pallets.

Then the whole setup got a dark strain that made the wood grains pop.

The inside’s colour was improved with some polyurethane coats. Looks like an antique now, eh?

The top of the table was attached via hinges to the side. So. it could be doubled up to be used as storage cabinet too!

Here is the finished product in all its glory.

This man won my respect. I would be eagerly waiting for his next projects! Some video for us DIY dunces will help too!