Incredible Video Shows Siberian Tundra Bubbling Under The People’s Feet

Siberia is the land of weird geological phenomena. The latest bizarre geological incident was reported at the island of Belyy where a vast tundra has started bubbling under the people’s feet.

Environmental scientists came across a remote site where the Earth wobbles when someone steps on it. Researchers believe that the bobbing surface can be attributed to the methane released by the permafrost melting right under the surface.

Alexander Sokolov and Dorothee Ehrich first came across such wobbling areas of Earth back in 2015. Till now, they have discovered more than 15 such bubbling spots in the region, each one with a diameter of up to 1 meter.

The air escaping from the bobbing surface is heavily concentrated with methane and carbon dioxide. It contains 200 times more methane and twenty times more carbon dioxide than the normal air.

Sokolov believes that this strange phenomenon may have been prompted by the severe heat wave experienced by Europe.

“It is likely that 10 days of extraordinary heat could have started some mechanisms, [and the] higher level of permafrost could have thawed and released a huge amount of gases. It is evident even to amateurs that this is a very serious alarm.”

People are already coming up with innovative plans to counter exceeding levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere including plans for converting carbon dioxide into solid rocks or even sucking it right out of the air.

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