Watch This Guy Lift 20 Kg With One Hand Using An Anti-Gravity Wheel

Gyroscopic motion is truly a fascinating phenomenon that happens when a rotating body is amazingly pushed upwards. In scientific words, when an object is rotating at high velocities on its spin axis, the gyroscopic forces push the object at right angles to the applied force.

Picture Credits: howstuffworks
Credits: howstuffworks

In the figure (1) above, a gyroscope is allowed to spin on its axis. A force is then applied, as shown in figure (2). This spinning and application of force results in creating a motion at 90 degrees to the force applied, as shown in figure (3). The same can be done if (2) and (3) are switched that results in a seemingly reduced weight. This phenomenon has been comprehensively explained and tested by the Veritasium, a YouTuber. He used the same concept to lift a 20 kg weight on the end of a pole with just one hand!

Before lifting the weight, the YouTuber gave a demonstration of how he could barely hold the pole at a short distance from the weight. The overwhelming torque prevented him from holding it at a large distance. To keep the weight balanced, he had to apply a force in the opposite directions for keeping the weights upright, thus giving the feeling of being heavier when lifted.

However, when the flywheel was spun at high velocities (up to 1000 rpm) using a drill machine, the torque was reduced drastically. The Youtuber was able to hoist the weight up with just one hand from the end of the pole while providing a circular force in the direction of rotation.

The gyroscopic motion is experienced in everything, from airplanes to bicycles and helicopters! Apparently, now it can also be used to lift a 20kg weight over your head without breaking a sweat!

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