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SHOWRSHIELD Helps Protect Your Makeup And Lashes From Water

Have you ever felt like your eyebrows were on fleek, but you had to take a shower? How about a makeup attempt that was so perfect that you just didn’t want it ruined? You might think that SHOWRSHIELD is something that exists only for makeup lovers and those who are shying away from recreating a look, but it has far more applications than you might believe!

SHOWRSHIELD is priced at $14.95 and is basically a plastic shield that can be secured to the head with a Velcro pre-shower. While yes, most of you might brush this invention aside, claiming it to be redundant; it does serve a greater purpose.

Take the example of those who have just undergone facial surgery or microblading? Post-operation care is critical to prevent any mishaps from taking place, and it is during such moments that you can count on SHOWRSHIELD to provide you with the required care.

The gadget has been created by Sheridan Elle. Sheridan said, ‘It works great for the aftercare and maintenance of recent facial surgery, microblading, and eyelash extensions. Taking care of your procedures, post-operation is not only critical but also something that should be done with ease and worry free when healing.’

As is evident from the statement above, it is meant as a post-operation care tool. The basic purpose is to help patients undergo easy and worry-free healing. On the plus side, you can always use it to protect your makeup or lashes when in the shower. What do you think of this amazing invention? Is it really functional or beneficial? Do you think it is redundant? It certainly has a limited target market, wouldn’t you agree? Do let us know what you think of SHOWRSHIELD and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family members.

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