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SHE Is SCIENCE: Sergey Tokarev Conducts Art Project in Ukraine

Introduction to SHE is SCIENCE

Businessman Sergey Tokarev, the project initiator and Reface investor launched an art project SHE is SCIENCE. The charitable educational initiative is dedicated to shinning the spotlight on women scientists in Ukraine. The art project is aimed at debunking the stereotype that the sphere of science belongs to a male. By employing modern art, the project initiator hopes to discard the mentality that science is complicated, tedious and not a women’s space.

Why a SHE is SCIENCE Art Project?

In March, a campaign featured an exhibition of 12 portraits of prominent women in the fields of physics, mathematics, biology, physics and other sciences. According to Sergey Tokarev, art-science Is an attractive, very relevant and gender-neutral field. Tokarev notes that women, like their counterparts, have also made significant milestones in the contribution of science.

Sadly, these pioneer women are not known to the general public. This deduction was made after a social experiment requiring Ukrainians to name their favorite scientist. Among the names of scientist mentioned were Korolev, Sikorsky, Vernadsky, just to mention a few men. Surprisingly, no one could name any women scientist, and it is for this reason, Sergey Tokarev birthed the SHE is SCIENCE art project.

Sergey Tokarev noted that most men overestimate their capabilities and ask for huge salaries in interviews, something the women are shy of doing. The women end up underestimating their qualifications and merits and go ahead to ask for peanuts.  This trait is unfair to women, and it is high time we fight for equal rights in the account of our merits and not gender.

The Art Exhibition

The pre-premium exhibition took place in Unit Verse Conference Hall in Kyiv in March. The exhibition saw 12 portraits displayed by different famous modern artists. The exposition of the 12 portraits of Ukrainian women scientists was accompanied by an information stand providing information on each heroine’s scientific milestones and discoveries.

According to Sergey Tokarev, in the age of digital communication, an art exhibition is the best way to get the attention of the youth to the world of science. For this reason, the illustrators under the leadership of Sergiy Maidukov took center stage in this project.

The Integration of Art and Science

By embracing an unusual format, the art exhibition could integrate different spheres of art and science into one bubble. In addition to the displayed portraits, the 12 heroines had opportunities to give speeches on their careers. An interview done by Sergiy Maidukov, head of illustrators, and a panel discussion on “ Generation equality”.  Sergey Tokarev believes that providing an opportunity to meet the heroines motivates the youth to  achieve greater scientific accomplishments.

Support and Funding

With gender bias being a global problem, a number of large organizations were ready and willing to provide support. SHE is SCIENCE obtained funding from United Nations Children`s Fund (UNICEF) and United Nations (UN) women.

Funding from these organizations was used to put up advertising campaigns on city lights and billboards in Kyiv. The advertisement being the art exhibition that was open to the general public.

Healthy Competition

The SHE Is SCIENCE also had a national competition that saw girls from the age of 14 to 21 compete for the best essay title. The participants choose one of the 12 heroines of the art exhibition. According to Sergey Tokarev, 561 essays were submitted on the biographical data, contribution towards science and personal attitude towards the heroines.

A jury of professionals will select 12 winners, each of the 12 women scientists. The best of the 12 finalists will then receive $4000 educational funding.

An auction will be conducted in May this year, from which funds will supplement the essay prices. An assortment of valuables and 12 portraits will be part of the auction.

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