This Nuclear Powered Mega-Yacht Aims At Improving The Climate

The Earth Research 300 will be one of a kind research vessel. A luxurious scientific escape. One spot on this megayatch will cost 3 million dollars.

According to a report by the BBC’s Science Focus, the launch of this yacht is slated for 2025, and the experience would be the best of both worlds, scientific and high-end luxury. It will house 450 passengers and 22 laboratories. The passengers will be scientists, environmentalists, and a few billionaires to stay on the safe side.

The vessel will have 13 stories, all dedicated to science, creating a science haven. Aaron Olivera, the mastermind behind the project, has her eyes set on getting on-board scientists to collaborate and come together with viable solutions to counter the climate threat.

The earnings made by selling the tickets to the billionaires will be utilized in funding science projects and ideas. In addition, luxury apartments aboard the vessel will allow the billionaires to see up close and personal about what endeavors are being pursued at their behest.

“It is really an opportunity for the wealthy to contribute to science and participate in science. This is not having a billionaire in a bathtub, sipping a glass of champagne,” Aaron Olivera the brain behind the project told in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald.

Robotics, artificial intelligence software, built-in sensors, and the world’s first commercial, a seafaring quantum computer, will be on board and provide everyone with a lifetime experience.

Running on nuclear energy, the Earth 300 vessel will be zero-emission, an onboard molten salt reactor will be the power source on the likes of the technology that is built the Bill Gates-backed TerraPower.

The project will cost around 500 – 700 million dollars to come to reality. Although private companies and investors fund it, a huge chunk of the same is expected to come out of the revenue generated by selling the dollar 3 million tickets for the 10 days out of this world experience.

The design of the superyacht was prepared by Barcelona-based Iddes Yachts. At the concept launch, Olivera termed the Earth 300 project not only as a state-of-the-art science laboratory on water but also as a source to bring increased awareness to reverse climate change.

The whole concept of Earth 300 may sound a little absurd that is because it is mind-boggling. However, the entrepreneur behind the project, Olivera, claims that the project has the potential to work against climate downfall. The vessel has the capacity to unearth concepts with its research which will help humanity in the coming years.

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