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Self-driving InMotion Vehicle Puts Your Living Room On Wheels

Source: NEVS

National Electric Vehicle (NEV), Sweden has released its self-driving luxury vehicle at the CES Asia, and it practically is fit for a king! The vehicle not only has a level 5 autonomy and ability to drive you around unassisted, but it is also the fanciest car that sure to turn some heads!

The NEVS InMotion vehicle has an adaptable interior that changes as you please and make your journey as comfortable as your own room!

Source: NEVS

The InMotion vehicle works on a sharing concept and is designed to pick people who need a ride and take them to their destinations autonomously. But the most remarkable feature is its flex layout which can be switched between private, meeting and social settings. The butterfly door of the vehicle makes sure you don’t have to walk to the other side of the vehicle to get in as the car greets you and morphs the interior as per your preferences.

The private mode allows you a bit of privacy and provides headphones, touchscreens or even eyelids so that you can remain preoccupied and not be disturbed by other people on the vehicle. The social mode opens up the barriers and allows the riders to have a conversation with each other.

Source: NEVS

The more business savvy meeting mode turns all the seats towards a transparent display on the door, which can be used as a platform for presentations, video conference calls, etc. Riders can also adjust interior lighting and temperature using an app. There are barely any physical buttons which allow for a clean, clutter-free interior.

NEVS is pushing people to do away with privately owned cars and opt for self-driving electric fleets. These cars would be available in demand and would be able to shape-shift according to the needs of the riders. The NEVS InMotion cars can also coordinate with each other, further streamlining mobility and increasing transit efficiency.

Source: NEVS

The company announced last week that they would be launching a car-sharing mobility pilot program in Tianjin, China using a fleet of its 9-3 electric sedans for the program.

Watch the InMotion in action below: