Hovershoes By InMotion Are Separate Hover-boards For Your Feet

We are all probably aware of hoverboards, at least those who are interested in motorized self-balancing devices are definitely familiar with them. The Chinese mobility company InMotion has released the Hovershoes X1. These are essentially two separate self-balancing hoverboards with one for each foot.

These offer a wider range of movement as compared to the traditional hoverboard. The hovershoes are not dependent on each other. “What’s cool about them is that each one is self-balancing on its own, so the rider won’t run into an issue where one foot dictates the movement of the other because they’re hinged with a bridge,” said InMotion CEO Rose Wang.

(Source: YouTube)

However, it is possible to connect the two hovershoes for those who prefer the feeling of a regular old hoverboard. A rod-like attachment can connect the two and temporarily convert the two into the equivalent of a standard hoverboard.

Each hovershoe weighs 2.7 kg and has a 250-watt motor. A 54-Wh battery powers the motor and this is enough to go for 8 km on a 1.5-hour charge. The shoes have a top speed of 5mph and have the ability to tackle slopes with a gradient of 9 degrees.

(Source: YouTube)

They have the capacity to withstand a weight of 80 kg and are IP65 waterproof. This means that they are dust-tight and can resist water projected by a nozzle. According to Wang, the shoes will be available at the end of July at a retail price of $499.

You can check them out in the video below:

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