This Self Driving Car Went On A Test Drive In The Snowy Streets Of Moscow

self-driving car

It is kind of hard to figure out how far are we to witness self-driving cars on the roads. Sometimes the progress is so much that it seems like they will be running on roads very soon and other times it doesn’t seem like it. Then a video of a self-driving taxi which is running on the streets on Moscow is released, that too after a snowstorm. The Yandex.Taxi self-driving car moves through the tight streets and even manages to interact with pedestrians, changing street conditions and also traffic lights without any hesitation.

This video is not only a very good example of a self-driving technology but it is also a nice way to see the life on the streets of Moscow. Self-driving cars are taught how to deal with extreme weather conditions. When it snows heavily and forms a large bank of snow on the edge of the street, it affects the way sensors understand the area around the car where it is supposed to move.

Another self-driving car company, Waymo, said that it will be testing it cars in extreme cold weather in Michigan this winter. It was done to make sure that the car works smoothly in all weather conditions. Yandex is a Russian based company which build products that are powered by machine learning. It is also a very popular search engine in Russia and neighboring countries. It is also operating Russia’s largest taxi booking system. The Yandex.Taxi driverless team seem to be another step closer to reaching their goal which is to build and successfully test a level 5 self-driving car.

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