Guy Straps Tesla Electric Motor And Battery To A Honda Accord 1981. The End Result Is Record Breaking


The instant torque produced by an electric motor can produce a neck breaking acceleration. We have seen this effect over and over in the Tesla’s quickest cars and it has also been demonstrated to particularly dramatic effect in the new Aspark Owl prototype. This kind of motor can do wonders for older cars like the first generation Honda Accord.

A YouTuber, Jimmy Built, installed a Tesla motor and a battery pack from a Chevy Bolt into an old 1981 Honda Accord to create “Teslonda”. During its first test runs, it went from 0 to 60mph within 2.7-seconds. In the video description, Jimmy said that the run was done on a cold day with cold tires. The car launches hard but then the motor drives the rear tires very powerfully. After that, 2.5 seconds is all it takes for this car to reach 100 km/hr.

The rear axle assembly, with a tube axle at the front, is entirely taken from Tesla, which is housing the motor. So there is not much left of the Honda. Nevertheless, seeing a honda accord 1981 to accelerate like that is truly amazing!

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