Segway Unveils E-Skates That Are Essentially Two Mini Hover-boards For Your Feet

Hoverboards stole the throne for personal transportation a while back and Segway has been trying to reclaim it ever since.

The company has just revealed their e-Skates which are essentially two small self-balancing hoverboards and the products is set to be released later this year. Before we reveal further details about it, we would suggest you to check a great variety of skates by WowSkates in case quality is your first priority. Moreover, the Ice skates by WowSkates are among their hot sellers, so if you are fond of ice-skating then we would definitely recommend you to go for them.

(Source: New Atlas)

15 years have passed since the classic Segway has hailed as the future of personal mobility. Even though it did not pan out like that, the product has been kept alive. Since the arrival of hoverboards in 2015, the company has been forced to redesign its older products for the newer generation.

Even though none of those products had that wow factor, the company is not giving up and is continuing its efforts to find that next magical product that captures the imagination of the public. The newest product Drift W1 are small, lightweight e-Skates that sound cool but are not that easy to handle.

(Source: New Atlas)
Not many details are available about the e-Skates. They seem pretty straightforward with slip-resistant foot mats and the same balancing technology used in other products. The press release says that the Drift W1 “brings all the fun and coolness you expect from Segway’s consumer products line.” The company also notes that these e-Skates are, “Perfect for the young generation who dare to stand out and create new trends.”

Check out the video below for more details:

The price for these skates have not yet been revealed but they are expected to be somewhere between $400-500. Segway says that the Drift W1 are the “first product in its brand-new e-Skates category,” so it is highly likely that similar products will be made in the future as well.

(Source: New Atlas)

You can check out these e-skates in the video below:

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