Musk Fires Back After Thai Rescue Chief Calls Elon’s Escape Capsule Useless

musk response to thai governor

Musk is not among those who shy back from a fight. He is known for his comeback comments which often come forward through Twitter. This time Musk has taken the Thai chief commander Narongsak Osatanakorn to task, who is leading the joint command center responsible for the trapped soccer team’s rescue operation. The former governor rejected the offer made by Musk saying that his mini-sub was “not practical” for the rescue mission.

In a post on Twitter, which was posted hours after the boys were rescued and brought to safety. Musk responded to a BBC regarding Osantanakorn’s comment on his mini-sub. He said that the governor was “not the subject matter expert” and attributed the mission’s rescue to Dick Stanton who was a member of the South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team.

According to BBC, Dick (Richard) is a retired firefighter from Coventry who was involved in a couple of diver rescue missions previously as well including the one which involved six British cavers in Mexico in 2004. In an email to Musk, the expert diver expressed his concerns about the ‘small lad’ and also asked Musk to keep working on his capsule. The email was received on 8th July which was also the first day of the rescue mission by Thai Navy Seals.

Half an hour later, Musk shared another tweet in which he added the reasons why the mini-sub could have helped. He also quoted a video review and diver inputs as evidence. In response to a follower’s question that if the mini-sub was able to pass through a 15-inch choke point, Musk said that it was designed with that purpose in mind. It is now too late to know if the mini-sub was practical or not. However, Musk is already looking for ways where it can be used.


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