Segway Introduces Hydrogen-Powered Superbike With A Futuristic Look


Segway, now owned by Chinese company Ninebot, have announced that they are developing a new modern-design hydrogen-run sports bike called the Apex H2. It looks straight out of a futuristic movie with features like single-sided swing arms, making it appear floating in the air.

It comes with a hydrogen-power train, having all its components packed closely in its frame, leaving a sleek designed bike that would make anyone go crazy at the first look.

The soon-to-be-launched Apex H2 will convert the hydrogen to electrical energy using a fuel cell in its converting process, which ultimately will power an electric motor that drives the sleek designed motorcycle, Apex H2. The exhaust on its side does more for its looks than performance, releasing zero emissions, just the water particles.

The two things that make the Apex H2 stand out are its looks and the fact that it runs on hydrogen. Its hydrogen power train makes it a good pick for those who long to go on a country tour but don’t want to keep on waiting for an hour or two for each recharge, like in electric bikes. Instead, it’s a quick re-fill making it good to go for longer distances than an electric bike does on one recharge. The only not-so-special feature is its top-speed, measuring at 150 kmp/h, but goes up to that mark in an impressive four seconds. Another thing about the Apex H2 that you’d be imagining high and is a little low is its price, just that this time it’s a pro to the deal. The impressive newly built Apex H2 comes at $10,700, as briefed on Segway’s website.

The first look at the Apex H2 leaves the viewers with questions that where is its shock? Rear and the front ones? Interestingly, more of its suspension is packed inside, leaving the bike to look like floating in the air. Its hidden mono-shock and front and back single-sided swing arms make a feel of it lacking the main parts of suspensions leaving more impressive futuristic looks.

Hydrogen-powered bikes are quick to refuel and go for longer miles than electric-powered superbikes, leaving them a better fit for sports and touring bikes. Whereas the normal daily use-routine bikes are better powered electrically.

Apex H2 by Segway will be hitting the roads sometime in 2023 and will come at a fraction of a price for the kind of features that it packs.


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