Humble Motors Introduces 1,020hp Solar-Powered SUV

One more Californian EV startup has introduced an electric-sourced SUV – but this time, it’s invented to do in the range 10-60 miles (16-96 km) per day purely on sunlight. The Humble One will consist of more than 80 square feet of solar panels to charge sufficiently even when disconnected.

The Humble One is more of a crossover, like an oversized hatchback, in comparison to an SUV. Just a bit longer than a Corolla, it consists of four seats and no aspiration towards proper off-roading. It won’t require to go bush-bashing to let you experience a nice time, though; horsepower levels up at 1,020 ponies, which is sufficient to sizzle most drivers’ sausages just right.

At almost 4,000 lb (1,814 kg), the Humble One is approximately 766 lb (348 kg) lighter than Tesla’s Model S Plaid, while possessing the same kind of power and declaring 500 miles of range vs. the Tesla’s 390 miles. That appears to us as a little fishy, but let’s move on; those types of numbers would show to vow a 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) time even faster than the Tesla’s 1.99 seconds.

We’ll accept that when we see it. It’s unimportant, anyway. The special bit here is the roof, with its “80 square feet of highly supreme and patent-pending solar cells on the roof, sidelites, passenger doors, and fold-out ‘wings.'” Neither of the promo drawings seems to show anything more than roof panels, and we’re highly curious to see just how weird it looks with its wings folded out.

The roof on its own appears to be about 6 x 8 ft or so, making a high guess, and that would provide you with almost half of 80 sq ft, so yes, this car is going to appear extremely different and take up a good amount of space when it’s parked with all its panels out.

But that’s the very reason why popular EVs don’t mess with solar; if you require that much area to catch an outside maximum of 60 miles’ credit of range per day, it’s going to be a task to install those panels in a way that’s good looking, safe, easy and strong.

In comparison, solar could minimize most people’s commuting miles on at least some days, saving you a few bucks in electricity a day and providing you an out for all those occurrences when you’re in the deep desert, where you use your battery flat and can’t get a charger.

It’s a decent-looking machine in these mockups, and Humble Motors claims it’s already sold more than US$20 million worth for US$109,000, excluding taxes and add-ons. The company says it’s aiming to hit production at the beginning of 2024.

Again, we’ll accept all this when we view the thing; it’s one thing to create some renders, another thing completely to get a prototype built, another thing yet to get a car into mass production … And then there’s that fold-out solar system, which we assume could throw all kinds of difficulties into all types of works. But nobody gets anywhere without goals, and ambition is definitely proof here. We wish the team an easy ride to production, with just the right speed bumps to create the character and make for a noteworthy memoir.

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