See What’s Behind Your Wall Using This Incredible App

diy look inside your walls app

Tired of those old fashioned ways you use to figure out what’s behind that wall? Whether it is a suspected infestation, or a broken pipe; you would probably need to check the insides of your walls sooner or later. Now using that outdated, beeping, inaccurate stud sensor is one option, or you can use a new sensor for Android smartphones called the WalabotDIY. This new app calims to let you have a peek right through walls and easily reveal everything from pipes, wirings and the unwanted pests hiding having a party between your walls.

The app comes with a hardware device which is to be applied behind your smartphone. The company is the first to introduce Vayyar Imaging’s 3D sensor technology in a consumer-friendly which doesn’t require any training to use. You can simply use it by installing the WalabotDIY app, connecting the accessory to your smartphone, and holding the device against a wall.

The device attaches to your phone’s USB port, and for ease of use, it can magnetically attach to the back of your smartphone. This turns your smartphone into an easy to use module, leaving your other hand free to operate its app’s interface.

It is better than your average stud sensor as the app the WalabotDIY app gives you a more visual representation of what’s going on behind your wall, the orientation, and the material. It also gives you information on the depth of the hidden object behind you wall up to four inches.

WalabotDIY has a $200 price tag, which is slightly more than your common stud sensor. But it gives you extra assurance and information which you can use to complete your intended DIY project on time without causing any additional problems due to lack of information.

Would you consider using WalabotDIY for your next home DIY project? Share your opinion in the comments’ section below!


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