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Sealander Is A New Boat That Can Also Run On Land Like A Car

The Sealander 3

The name reminded us of the famous movie Highlander for no good reason at all. However, moving on from one of the old movies of Hollywood to today’s post; here’s how you can hit the road with a trailer or camp out in or even navigate a lake – all using ‘Sealander’.

Sealander can also be called as an amphibious mini-trailer that is capable of operating on both land and water. It is an innovative project that incorporates characteristics of  a trailer and boat and makes adventure possible on land as well as in water. The German vehicle has been recognized as a boat and is constructed from fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

The vehicle comes with an electric engine capable of generating 5 hp and very low emissions and noise. Its shell is waterproof and therefore remains protected when it is out in water; also capable of getting pulled out onto land like a regular trailer.  Sealander’s design is appropriate for calm waters sans huge currents or waves.

The vehicle can move independently on battery and  is also responsible for providing electricity to its interior. The battery is charged on road by the tow vehicle. Daniel Straub, the designer and developer of Sealander, states that the amphibious transport medium is ideal for spending nights while camped in a park, enjoying fishing as well as sun-bathing.

The sunroof is panoramic and can be opened or closed at the choice of the user. Sealander accommodates 6 persons at a time and houses modular furniture that can be used as per the users’ need. The vehicle also has a compact kitchen besides carrying its own heating and cooling system.

Sealander, thanks to its low weight, is capable of being towed by small cars even. It is being sold at varying prices depending upon what options the user wishes to have.

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