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Tesla Model S Plaid Catches Fire And Traps Owner Inside

Another day, another Tesla related incident in the news (and not the good kind either).

Imagine you’re driving down the road and suddenly your Tesla Model S Plaid catches fire and traps you in. Yeah, that wouldn’t be the ideal scenario. But that is exactly what a man in Pennsylvania had to go through just days after buying his new Tesla car that caught fire.

The owner was driving the new car when he saw the smoke which was filling up the cabin. He tried to get out but the electronic doors malfunctioned and wouldn’t budge open. Fortunately, he got out of the car moments before it was consumed by flames.

Authorities from the Gladwyne Fire Department initially announced that they were investigating the Tesla fire but after a few days, the news was taken down. Meanwhile Charles McGarvey, chief fire officer of Lower Merion Township Fire department, confirmed that there was indeed a fire incident with a Tesla and it took around two hours to extinguish. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is also gathering information related to the incident.

The agency is investigating the causes for fires in Tesla sedans and SUVs, including older models as this incident is not the first of its kind when it comes to Tesla’s electronic cars. Attorneys for the driver call on Tesla to keep these cars off the road until a complete investigation can occur.

The Model S Plaid recently came out with its first 25 deliveries in June and was hailed as the world’s quickest production car, promising a 390-mile range and more than 1000 horsepower. The car catching fire just days after its release raises concern from the customers who already got their models and isn’t looking too good for the company’s reputation. Hopefully, Tesla would be able to overcome the electrification problem in their cars soon enough.

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