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Scientist Shoots Himself Underwater For The Sake Of Science – This Is What Happened

We recently saw a physicist putting his life literally on the line – Andreas Wahl – for the sake of physics and now he has done it again. This time, however, he decided not to hang to death but rather shoot himself using a loaded gun underwater to carry out an experiment to demonstrate the power of fluid resistance.

He stood in a swimming pool and fired at himself using an assault rifle that was placed a little under 3 meters away from him using a string that was attached to the trigger. He wore goggles, indeed safety first and last and foremost.

The video comes from a Norwegian science show that is aired on channel NRK Viten. In the YouTube description of the video, it is stated, “It’s harder to create movement in water than in air, because water molecules are closer together than air molecules. To show the difference in resistance, physicist Andreas Wahl puts himself in front of a weapon submerged in water and fires it – on himself.”

Slow motion cameras were employed for better filming the effects of the bullet’s force on the water. This is what happened:

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