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Check Out This Retired A319 Passenger Jet Converted Into A Hotel

A319 Jet converted to holiday rental in Whales

If you love traveling and vacations, you for sure will like this slightly different yet a perfect holiday rental spot in Wales. Imagine sleeping in a peaceful space, with a quiet ambiance and all that while inside a former Etihad A319 jet.

Located in the Apple Camping site, this beautiful and serene vacation spot can accommodate four people at once. The plane stayed in service for quite a long time as initially it was deployed with Air Malta, then Air Canada, and lastly, Etihad Airways from where it got out of service last year.

Fate brought it to a much more significant role than what it had when it functioned as a standard flying machine. Planes operating flights are in abundance worldwide, whereas we know quite a rare some that are serving as restaurants or a vacation spot.

The previously A319 jet, which happened to service with three different airlines, is now known as the Arabian Nights, pretty fancy! Its specific location is Redberth, South Wales, in case if you are planning a vacation over there already. The whole project of conversion into the lavish vacation spot cost around $59,000.

The daily mail reports that it had to be cut in two halves while bringing it into the spot where it’s destined to sit for the rest of its life. The need to cut it into two worked out pretty well as one section fulfills the requirements of sleeping, showering, and cooking area, whereas the other half is utilized as serene and designed as a semi-outdoor area.

The entrance is designed through the emergency exit doors at the tail ends. The windows are kept in their original state to give it a unique look while increasing the overall funkiness of the ambiance that it creates. The plane is servicing its days as a holiday getaway since 2019 and has gathered a lot of attention.

It would be a bonus combo for the ones who love traveling and are into planes at the same time. The place offers unmatched experience and is a must add to the bucket list for your future traveling.