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These Cool Illustrations By A French Artist Show Our Addiction To Technology

Jean Jullien is a French illustrator who you might know from his ‘Peace for Paris’ symbol that became a worldwide symbol of solidarity with France following the Paris attacks. He is also known for making witty illustration that point towards the obvious addictions that we all have with technology, smartphones and social media. (Read why we’re addicted to social media here, yes there’s a scientific explanation.)

Check out his best 20 illustrations below and do question yourself, is this the way you want to live?

20. Valentine’s Day

19. The Future Of Photography

18. Summer

17. Life With Mobile Phone

16. Prayer Before Dinner

15. Modern Living

14. Royal Baby: It’s A Boy

13. Everyone Has An Apple These Days

12. Apple Announces Revolution

11. It Turns Me On

10. Before Instagram

9. Never Alone

8. Fine Dining

7. Live Screening

6. New Tan

5. Evolution?

4. Taking Pictures

3. Freedom

2. Apple Watch

1. Weirdo On The Subway