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Ever Wondered How Wind Turbines Are Hauled Up A Mountain For Installation? Mystery Solved

A standard 1.5MW GE wind turbine has enormous blades, measuring over 116 feet in length. The drivers of the semi-trucks towing these huge wind turbine blades have to manoeuvre their vehicles carefully to avoid any accidents.


Image Source: Siemens


However, hauling these massive blades across a mountainous terrain, with winding roads and sharp mountain passes is an entirely different story!


Image Source: Siemens


This 2051 video depicts the China International Marine Containers (CIMC) as 172-feet-long turbine blades are towed up the Baoding Mountain in the Yunnan province of China. Given that the blades are too long to cut around the sharp twists as they are hauled in the back, the retrofitted CIMC trailers lug the wind turbine blades in the front, with their tips sticking out at an angle.


Image Source: CIMC


Watch the amazing video below:

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