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40 Elegant Russia Wallpapers Free Download: The Heritage of History

Russia Wallpapers 25

The large and varied country of Russia is a destination for millions of tourists year after year. Maybe you have downloaded some Russia wallpapers for your desktop, but wish to see this country for yourself. If you are planning a trip to see this interesting country for yourself, save some time in your trip to take in some of Russia’s cultural heritage, and also, if you plan to travel widely, there are some beautiful natural features that are waiting for you to discover.

Moscow, Russia’s capital, and one of the most popular cities to visit, has many sights that you can enjoy. The most iconic of these, probably, is Red Square. There are also many places of worship that have exquisite architecture to see in Moscow, for example, St Basil’s cathedral.

Its past is very evident in the sights you can see today from its imperial past, through to the soviet era, and continuing to the modern era today. Its atmosphere and culture had changed many times in the previous century. This may have led to restrictions on freedom in the past, but you can see that its varied history has made it the multi-cultural country it is today.

Its tourist status of course has been opened up considerably in recent decades, since the country became more open to visitors, as the soviet state evolved into the more democratic country it is now. You may find that many areas of Russia, in particular its big cities, resemble Western culture, but they also show signs of their Eastern roots.

So if you have ever wanted to visit this country, maybe because you have downloaded some Russia wallpapers and want to see it for yourself, you can be aware that this large and varied country has a rich cultural heritage for you to explore.

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Russia Wallpapers 25