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This Is The World’s First Super Sub With A Swimming Pool And A Cinema

Austrian design firm Migaloo has unveiled a groundbreaking project, the Migaloo M5, touted as the world’s first super submarine and deemed the ‘future of yachting.’ At a staggering 543 feet in length, this luxurious underwater vessel is designed to cater to the whims of visionary billionaires seeking exclusivity, safety, adventure, and extraordinary experiences. The ambitious project is set to redefine opulence, boasting a $2 billion price tag and the capacity to accommodate 20 passengers and 40 crew members for an extended underwater stay of four weeks.

Migaloo M5’s design, inspired by the all-white humpback whale, features a sleek and slender appearance, a departure from the typical submarine aesthetics. The vessel, capable of diving to a depth of 820 feet (250 meters), comes complete with lavish amenities such as a swimming pool, wine cellar, cinema, and a helipad for receiving guests via helicopter before its descent.

The swimming pools on either side of the sub extend out over the water while it is on the surface, retracting seamlessly into the body of the craft before submersion, reminiscent of futuristic concepts from iconic shows like Thunderbirds.

The descent of Migaloo M5 is triggered by filling massive on-board storage tanks, called ballast tanks, with water to reduce buoyancy. The interior of the submarine reflects opulence, featuring gold and white leather furnishings, comfortable sofas, deck chairs, and mood lighting. The al fresco inner sanctum is sealed and pressurized before the submarine submerges, ensuring a luxurious yet secure experience for its elite passengers.

Migaloo CEO Christian Gumpold has revealed that the firm is in negotiations with interested parties to bring this unique project to life, although he has not disclosed the identities of these potential buyers. The construction of such an innovative vessel requires substantial monetary resources, time for design and building, and numerous decisions throughout the development process.

Migaloo has previously ventured into imaginative concepts, such as floating private islands, featuring penthouse suites, swimming pools, waterfalls, helipads, and vertical gardens. However, these concepts are yet to materialize.

The superyacht industry frequently witnesses the release of extravagant concepts, each accompanied by exorbitant price tags. Migaloo’s M5, with its unprecedented underwater capabilities and lavish features, stands out as a testament to the ever-evolving and luxurious landscape of the world’s elite yachting experiences.

Whether this visionary project becomes a reality remains to be seen, but it undoubtedly captures the imagination of those with the financial means to turn such dreams into tangible aquatic opulence.

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