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Say Hello To The World’s First Solar Powered Bluetooth Headphones

Helios Bluetooth Solar-powered Headphones by Exod3

The idea of having a pair of solar-powered Bluetooth headphones first surfaced back in 2009 and now after 5 years, we have a startup based in London called Exod that is willing to materialize this idea. Exod’s headphones have been named as Helios headphones and will offer a wire-free amazing listening experience to its users.

Helios headphones make use of the photovoltaic panel that has been embedded into the headband and this allows the headphone to collect sun’s power. The team behind these headphones says that for every hour of exposure to sunlight, the headphones will be able to allow for a half hour usage. However, there are rainy days or times when the sunlight is too low and for such times, a 430mAh battery has been incorporated into the mix too. The battery can be charged by making use of the Micro USB cable and charges on AC power. It can run for 15 hours on a complete charge.

In case the Bluetooth poses problems, the users can also make use of the included 3.5mm audio jack for connection. The headphones come with a microphone that has been integrated into it and can be used for making calls. There are a number of buttons on the earpiece that enable the user to change track, raise or lower volume, switch solar panel off or on and to take calls.

The headphones will be available in black, wood color and carbon. Exod is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and shipping is likely to take place from July 2015. Currently a pledge of $157 will warrant you one unit of Helios headphones.

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