Samsung’s New Quantum Dot Display Technology Promises Perfect Picture Quality

Samsung LED TV

From curved, bendable to the giant 8K TVs, Samsung’s televisions have changed and evolved an exponential rate. Now is the time for quantum dots, that will make their screens even brighter and more precise.

The new line of QLED TVs was unveiled Tuesday at CES in Las Vegas, where the company flaunted their quantum dot material (nano-particle-sized silicon) screens ranging up to 2,000 nits and creating what Samsung calls the “perfect color.” Besides the picture quality, it also provides incredible contrast and improved viewing angles making the television energy-efficient and durable.

Pic Credits: mashable

HyunSuk Kim, president of the visual display business at Samsung Electronics mentioned in a press release,

The QLED TV is different from the rest as besides the astonishing picture quality; the company has put great emphasis on aesthetics. They have adopted a single, clear optical cable solution, which uses just one wire to perform all the function, thus cuts down on the cable clutter.

The television hangs from internal mountings and contains wireless sound bars and embedded subwoofer inside its new audio devices. You do not need a large stand-alone subwoofer unit, and the internal audio device will do all the work for you.

QLED TV will come with a wireless kit that will allow the consumers to work wirelessly with Samsung’s new HDTVs using its auto voice recognition feature. An addition to Smart features is the company’s Smart Hub interface which finally comes to your smartphones. This year, Samsung is also building a Smart Hub app which will let you use your phones as remote controls.

Pic Credits: mashable

Samsung made no reference to  4K, 8K or evenHDR HDTV technologies during the event or after it, which shows that Samsung is going all in with QLED. What are your thoughts on the latest technology? Comment below!

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