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Samsung’s New QLED TVs Blend Into The Background When Not In Use

(Source: New Atlas)

Samsung has just revealed the lineup of its 2018 TVs. Along with the OLED devices, the flagships of the range are built with Quantum dot light-emitting diode (QLED) display technology. The line varies in size ranging from 40 inches to the massive 88 inches. As they take up a lot of space, Samsung added a new feature so they don’t stand out in the background when not in use.

QLED displays have made the headlines for Samsung’s TV lineup for the second year in a row. The technology was first unveiled at CES 2017. All the models of the QLED TVs display at a 4K UHD resolution and are compatible with HDR10+. The higher-end models have Direct Full Array (DFA) technology. This is a dynamic backlight that dims and brightens zones of pixels as needed.

(Source: New Atlas)

The television is almost always the focal point of the living room. It looks inconspicuous as a black rectangle on the wall when it’s off. To cater this, Samsung has introduced an Ambient Mode, which is a low-power setting that lets the idle TV display news, weather, or traffic updates. Wall mounted models can mimic the pattern on the wall behind them to blend into the background.

Samsung even thought of the wires and stashed all the cables inside a transparent cable it calls the One Invisible Connection. This is an improvement of last year’s technology by the introduction of the power cord in it as well and the increase of its length to 15 metres. Samsung has also added the Bixby assistant to its 2018 TVs allowing them to be controlled by voice commands.

(Source: New Atlas)

The release dates and prices have not been unveiled yet but the prices are expected to be somewhere around $899 for the 55-in UHD, $3,7999 for the 65-in QLED and a staggering $20,000 for the 88-in QLED TV.