Samsung’s New Gear S Watch Will Allow You To Receive Calls Without The Need Of A Phone

Samsung Gear S3

We are witnessing the competition that has started between the giants of tech to come up with a smartwatch that has the functionality of a smartphone while supporting a design that is catchy and feasible. The attempts so far have resulted in a watch that lacks functionality and is bulky in design. However, Samsung has now come up with a smartwatch that is the first of its kind and is capable of making and receiving calls without relying on any nearby smartphone.

Samsung Gear S
Samsung Gear S5

The watch has been named the Gear S and comes with an AMOLED 2” screen that has been designed so that it is comfortable for the user to wear. The watch has a screen size that makes it possible for the user to read notifications and/or messages at a glance. The screen and the straps can be customized. The watch comes equipped with 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and allows the user to receive notifications from social networks, calendars and apps without having to check their smartphones. Users will be able to reply to messages via an on-screen keyboard or by making use of ‘S voice functionality’ in order to dictate the reply to a message.Samsung Gear S4

That is not all that this marvelous smartwatch will be able to do; it will also be capable of making and answering phone calls while supporting turn-by-turn navigation by use of built-in GPS. Since the watch comes equipped with sensors, it could be used as a fitness and health device. Samsung says that the Gear S ‘expands the smartphone experience to the wrist. Through 3G connectivity, the Samsung Gear S offers a new, powerful wearable experience and gives consumers the freedom to live their life on the go.’Samsung Gear S3Samsung Gear S2

Samsung has further stated that the Gear S will be on sale in October, however, the price tag and availability in UK is still unknown. A spokesman from Carphone Warehouse said; ‘While many mobile manufacturers have now shown their hand with at least their first foray into the wearables space, Samsung’s device marks the beginning for the next generation of smart wearable technology, in which manufacturers are beginning to really respond to evolving customer needs for more practical yet stylish devices. We are getting more and more customers enquiring about smart watches and similar devices and with more sophisticated and mainstream devices coming onto the market, we anticipate that even more customers will be looking for a wearable device that resonates with their needs.’

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