Samsung Announces New SmartTag Feature To Ensure That It Can’t Be Used For Stalking

Samsung has launched a new Smart Tag search linked to its Galaxy SmartTag object, catering to the possibility of being stalked while on the run.

With its latest reveal, the tech giant has ensured that the Galaxy SmartTag tracker isn’t being used to keep a secret eye on anyone. The new search will enable the users to locate any SmartTags that they might be traveling along without knowing.

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“Also, the new Unknown Tag Search feature can detect a Galaxy SmartTag that doesn’t belong to you but is hidden in your things. With the press of a start button, Unknown Tag Search will scan for unknown SmartTags and provide a list to ensure nobody is secretly tracking your location,” Samsung says in an official press release.

The new addition to the SmartTracker device limits it to its basic and preferred use of keeping track of your keys, a precious belonging, or even a pet. At the same time, it cancels out the wrong use of its SmartTag device.

The addition of the “unknown SmartTag search” feature will help with privacy and security. Users will scan the surrounding areas to search for unknown tags that someone could slip into their pocket or a bag pack. It is an easy way of ensuring that the technology is being used for convenience and not to cause any troubles for anyone.

The tech giant announced that it is a tool of convenience. With Bixby the assistant, users will be able to locate a thing attached with a tag. It is simple; the user will only have to call “Bixby, where are my keys,” It will start ringing the tag that you might have attached with the keys that you often tend to lose.

Samsung has also made sure that all location data is encrypted to keep the information of your tracker tags confidential to you. With these latest efforts of developing supporting software, Samsung has revealed its intentions to grow further with the tracking techs while ensuring they only bring good and convenience to the users.

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