Samsung Is Offering Free Dessert To People Who Own Its Folding Devices

Samsung is offering sweet treats to the buyers of its Z Fold and Flip device.

The tech giant has announced giving some free dessert if they own either a Galaxy Z Fold and Flip. The special dessert would exclusively be designed by the Chef Daniel Boulud with a fancy name ‘Madeleines and Canelé’, just as fancy the phone is itself.

The sweet dessert costs $75, which sounds a lot for a french pastry. However, with the purchase of a Z Fold or Flip device, it would come free of cost.

Samsung has offered some other sides with the main course purchase. In its Galaxy Z Premier program, the company has been offering to add perks to the owners of its premium devices.

It is not just the edible treats; Samsung wants you to make use of your and your phone’s full potential by leveraging membership that allows owners to join a community of more than 50,000 entrepreneurs and business executives to connect and receive unmatched benefits with networking opportunities.

Samsung Galaxy Z Premier program also includes a cost-less six-month trial of LinkedIn premium career service, a round of golf through Clublife, and free Obé fitness. It all doesn’t stop here; the tech giant has announced adding more perks for the buyers and users of its premium phones in the times to come.

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