Samsung Will Finally Reveal The Cause Behind Note 7 Explosions


After literally blowing their presence out of 2016’s mobile phones canvas, Samsung announced two weeks back that they have finally resolved one of the biggest mysteries in the world of technology. They did so after working with third party companies to”re-visit every step of our engineering, manufacturing, and quality control processes.”

Back then it was unclear when the tech giant would make the results of the investigation public, but a South Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo has now revealed that sometime this month, the public will finally know the reasons behind crashing and burning of Note7.

Galaxy Note7 smartphone was launched in August 2016, a month ahead of the usual September launch which was speculated to counter Apple’s iPhone 7. But as soon as it got into the market, astonishing reports of the phone catching fire started to emerge all around the globe.

Pic Credits: Mashable

Early September, Samsung halted the sales of the Galaxy Note7  and began an investigation on the reason behind the fire. The company tried to send out replacement units to placate the anger, but these units had their own problems, leaving Samsung no choice but to kill the product.

Samsung’s global recall of the Galaxy Note7 cost them billions of dollars along with the trust of their loyal customer base. In October, Samsung revealed that the Galaxy Note7 would result in $5.1 billion loss in its operating profit over three-quarters.

While the phone was made a laughing stock of the technology world, people speculate that the slim design of the smartphone could have triggered the issue. Others also claim that Galaxy Note7’s tight battery could have exerted greater pressure than the normal operation causing the layers of lithium cobalt oxide and graphite to get short and cause a fire.

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