Samsung’s Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Will Soon Go On Sale In South Korea

Remember when Samsung was confused about how to dispose off the chaotic Note 7 release? As it turns out, they are about to release a refurbished version to somehow wash away the incredibly poor PR after numerous reports of the explosive Note 7 smartphone.

Samsung Is Confused About What To Do With 4.3 Million Dumped Note 7 Smartphones

The move might have been spurred by the sight of many hardcore Note 7 fans trying tooth and nail to hold on to their phones despite the risks and incessant pleading and aggressive action by Samsung for their return. So Samsung will now release the Galaxy Note 7 FE on July 7th, where FE stands for “Fandom Edition.”

The name does take some gall considering how the hit and miss phone cost Samsung $5.1 billion worth of financial losses, but you have to give them points for the confidence and the initiative. The rumors of the release emerged back in March, but now the company has confirmed the re-release plans of the devices in “an environmentally friendly way,” that includes selling refurbished devices as the main plan.

According to Gizmodo, the refurbished devices won’t be coming to the United States but will be first released in South Korea and then shipped across the world, although Samsung is yet to publicly confirm these plans. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Note 7 FE will entail new components which would ensure it doesn’t overheat and spontaneously combust.

And Now A Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 Catches Fire On A Plane

It will be interesting to see how to release pans out as we saw similar claims by Samsung after Note 7 was replaced with new devices, only to sustain the fiery characteristics and eventually leading to the second recall of some 3 million units. The company was able to recover about 93 percent of US Note 7 handsets, having to resort to extreme measures and incentives for the other 7 percent.

Even assuming that Samsung has made the Note 7 safe, the move seems entirely out of place for Samsung since it puts the debacle back into the limelight. The move is especially flabbergasting as Samsung is reportedly gearing up for the follow-up device, Note 8, and while currently basking in the huge success of their latest release, Galaxy S8.

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