Samsung Unveils A New Ball Shaped Personal Assistant

At the 2020 CES at Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled its latest gadget, a tennis ball-shaped robot, Ballie. Nah, you are getting it wrong, it isn’t meant for the sports complex, but right inside your house as a personal assistant! Ballie has been equipped with an in-built camera and a hi-fi machine learning technology that knows how to keep its master happy. Whether you need an exercise partner to keep your crunches count right, or someone to guard your pet dog when you’re not around, Ballie can do it all.

Samsung’s latest personal assistant bot – Ballie

Samsung’s prime focus for the year 2020 rotates around artificial intelligence and the 5G experience and Ballie have been incorporated with both. It can turn the lights on or can keep a check on your room’s temperature for your sound sleep. Annoyed with your morning alarm, it can even turn it off for you. Ballie can work just the way you want to as it has a mobile user interface for you to customize your bot.

Unveiling Ballie at CES 2020

Though the price of your assistant hasn’t been announced yet, nor any news of your wait coming to an end. But for sure, this shall be the best gadget you’ll ever gift yourself. Ballie can even help you out with the daily chores by sending a signal to your automated vacuum cleaner or conversing with the dishwasher. It’s up to you how you put your helper at work. Adding to your surprise, it stays in contact with its user when they’re not around, thus, you can monitor who ate the last pizza slice from the fridge!

Well, this little rolling device keeps on following you, but is strict on your security and data privacy, as assured by the designers. Ballie promises convenience with peace of mind. Another of its benefits include your 24/7 guard who can call the cops or fetch someone from the medical center right when you need it.

Ballie – the tennis ball-shaped bot

2020 is promising a more personalized technology when robots and artificial intelligent devices are understanding your needs way before you utter them out. The time is near when you’ll be conversing with these gadgets directly without a third interface, they’ll be playing with your kids or cooking your favorite meal. Well, many of these applications have been individually achieved but integrated robots like Ballie hold a future of self-equipped, human-like robots who’ll be sensing your facial expressions and working as per your mood.

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