New Pizza Making Robot That Can Make 300 Pizzas An Hour Serves At CES 2020

Are you a pizza lover but you hate waiting in long lines to get your favorite flavor? Or you need the cheesy bites as your evening snack but it’s getting a burden on your pocket? Well, either way, this customized pizza making machine is the next thing your kitchen needs!

Not taking it seriously? If you keep your ears on for the latest tech news in town, you might be knowing this gadget serving the attendees at CES 2020. Working at a speed of 300 pizzas per hour, each one with a separate flavor and topping, this machine has already gone into the shopping list of many.

The robot’s owner, Picnic, working under the umbrella of food robotics, also termed as, Robotics-as-a-Service (Raas) solutions, partnered with the hospitality providers at the show, Centerplate, to provide the attendees with fresh 12-inch sized pizzas.

Peeking into the Mechatronics of the product, the machine takes the dimensions of the dough, checks for the coordinate placement via image processing algorithms, and then pour in the ingredients stepwise. The CEO of Picnic explains the same as, “Picnic’s distinct culmination of food production customization and throughput, smart data and cloud analytics is quickly resonating with foodservice operators”

The Picnic system enables high-volume, consistent, customizable pizzas and access to operational back-end data for foodservice providers.

What adds value to this robotic chef is the flexibility it offers with respect to customer needs. It can serve on a large scale, such as in a restaurant or can be fixed inside your very own kitchen. The company shares its long term plans of making customized sandwiches, salads and much more. Consistency and precision are what the designers vouch for. Definitely, now you don’t need to worry about your ration getting finished before the month’s end, as this machine can help you monitor the exact quantity of ingredients topping up your pizza. Moreover, you can minimize the wastage of sauces and vegetables by spillage, eliminating the margin of human errors. Because here, computer vision and deep learning are playing their parts.

As per the efforts lying behind, the product in its final state came up after three years of commitment, dedication, research, and fabrication.

Undoubtedly, this one is a piece of huge news for all pizza lovers around the world. Not only your personalized pizza is a few clicks away, but also, you can start your own little company without investing in capital resources, architecture or labor costs. Indeed, artificial intelligence has opened up better opportunities not only to ease your own life but also to assist you to earn more with the little you have. It’s a one-time hit in your pocket but can serve you for ages!

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